Taking back the narrative about Asian Americans (feat. Joanna Ho)
Hearts in TaiwanJuly 10, 2022x
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Taking back the narrative about Asian Americans (feat. Joanna Ho)

Annie Wang and Angela Yu

In this episode, we examine the dark side of the model minority myth and the “tiger mom” stereotype. Joanna Ho’s first young adult novel, The Silence that Binds Us, is inspired by a real community’s anti-Asian reaction to teen suicides. Discussing the novel also compels Annie and Angela to get real about passive and active anti-Blackness in the Asian American community. 

Featuring Joanna Ho:

About Joanna: Joanna Ho is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of Eyes that Kiss in the Corners, Eyes that Speak to the Stars, Playing at the Border: A Story of Yo-Yo Ma, and The Silence that Binds Us. She is a writer and educator with a passion for anti-bias, anti-racism and equity work. She has been an English teacher, a vice principal, a dean, the designer of an alternative-to-prison program, and a professional development creator partnering with educational leaders around the country. She survives on homemade chocolate chip cookies, outdoor adventures, and dance parties with her kids.

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