Taiwan Travel Tips for 2023

Here are the MVPs of my trip to Taiwan in Summer 2023

Of the items I brought with me from the United States, these are what's working the best for my family and me. This page provides affiliate links so I'll learn what you like too and can make better recommendations in the future!

Cooling and Sun Protection

Bladeless neck fan

Blows air right where you get the most sweaty! I don't have to worry about hair getting sucked into the bladeless design.

Serves triple duty for blocking sun, rain, and bugs. This one is soft and pliable; the other one I got from the same brand is less breathable and more like a rain jacket.

Kids Zipper Sun Protection Jacket Boys Girls Hooded Cooling Shirt

Serves triple duty for blocking sun, rain, and bugs. This one was better than the other brand we tried which was more like swimsuit material and less breathable.

Bug Bite Management

Bug repellent lotion with picaridin

Bug Bite Thing suction tool

It's not glamorous but this turned out to be the most effective DEET-free option. Sprays had spotty coverage and essential oils were not enough.

These are more effective than all the ointments and creams we tried for stopping the itch. More importantly, they actually stopped the whining!

Bug Bite Thing post-bite suction tool

Bug Bite Thing suction tool

We're convinced this helps and the kids also feel more peace of mind doing something active after a bite to prevent it from getting worse.

Women's lightweight hiking pants

Zippered pockets are key; my phone always falls out of open pockets!

Zippered pockets, convertible from shorts to pants, and thin quick-dry material give these all the features guys love for any situation.

Kids lightweight joggers

Walk through the night markets with confidence knowing bugs can't bite your legs! A pair at Uniqlo in Taipei was similarly priced at 590 NTD.

Kids Gear

Water bottle sling with pocket

Red water bottle sling

The kids are willing to carry their own water bottles. We got cute EasyCard keychains at FamilyMart as their MRT passes so they can tag on and off themselves and I like that they can tuck into the sling's pocket so they don't risk dropping or losing their passes. This cranberry color is on sale for $12 on the Hydro Flask website if you're buying anything else to make the $30 minimum for free shipping.

These have mesh for more breathability and a ponytail hole in the back for compatibility with my long-haired kid's many hairstyles.

Kids forks

Forks are rare in Taiwan, and my kids aren't very adept with chopsticks yet. We brought a few kid forks from home to have a backup option no matter whether eating at the night market or in a restaurant.

For longer stays

Laundry detergent sheets

Laundry detergent sheets package

We're doing laundry about once a week. These are not only the most eco-friendly solution I've chosen for our laundry at home, but they're also the most compact way to bring detergent with me when I travel so I don't have to worry about unfamiliar detergents at laundromats abroad.