Raising the next generation
Hearts in TaiwanSeptember 09, 2021x
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Raising the next generation

As English-speaking parents living outside our heritage country, we discuss how we go about passing our culture on to our kids. From seeking out Mandarin Immersion schools and caregivers, cultivating our kids' palates to appreciate Taiwanese food, and planning to visit Taiwan regularly for family vacations (when we can again!), we share what’s worked and what hasn’t across our kids ranging from age 4 to 12. Angela also shares the many new resources that have cropped up from entrepreneurs in the past 5 years to help parents like us.


NTNU Mandarin summer camp

Mina Learns Chinese Instagram Reels featuring shows and movies on Netflix and Disney+ with Mandarin audio tracks

Go! Go! Cory Carson on Netflix by Alex Woo and Stanley Moore of Kuku Studios

Alok Menon on Instagram normalizing body hair and trans beauty

La La Learn app for iPhone and iPad by Alice Han featuring children’s songs in Mandarin

Hearts in Taiwan raising bilingual kids resources page lists all the books we mentioned and more (https://heartsintaiwan.com/raising-bilingual-kids)

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