Simple question, hard to answer! Angela and Annie share their journeys exploring their identities with respect to Taiwan, and reflect on definitions contributed by a wide variety of Taiwanese individuals in America and Taiwan. We pitch each other some thought experiments that test our hypotheses about identity, and discuss the evolution of the Taiwanese identity in relation to China and in the context of America.

If you're wondering about the terms waishengren and benshengren that we refer to throughout the episode, here's a vocabulary recap:
外省人 waishengren - Family from mainland China who moved to Taiwan to escape Communism in the late 1940s
本省人 benshengren - Family who was already in Taiwan when waishengren came
You can also listen to Episode 1 for further clarity.

Nationality, Ethnicity, & Race, by Hello Prosper (blog postIG postblog post by Candace Schneider, edited by Andhi Tang
Michelle Kwan's stories at #RecipeForChange dinner (begins at 24:11 on YouTube)
Taiwan’s urban landscapes by Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry (IG story highlight)
History of international recognition of Taiwan (Wikipedia)
China in the UN (Wikipedia)
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Xi Jinping remarks for CCP centennial (Reuters article)
Crackdown and closure of Apple Daily in Hong Kong, coverage by New Bloom and Taiwan Mixed (IG post)

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Dr. Zonram Liao, Wellnergy Pets (IG: @wellnergypets)
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Cover photo: Photo by Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash 

During the episode, Angela used he/him pronouns when referring to Oli London. Oli announced in June 2021 that their pronouns are now they/them.